1. I have twin autistic godchildren, age 3. The suits have been a godsend and we have search for larger onesies right along. Thanks.

  2. I love the new Wonder Jumper...It's practical and a necessity for my special son!
    -Justine B.

  3. We just received our wonder jumpers in the mail a few days ago. I couldn't be happier!
    -Amber D.


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2T 3T 4T 5T 6T
Inseam (including cuff) 14.5 15.5 16 17 18
Cuff Opening 2.5 2.75 3 3.25 3.5
Cuff Length 2.5 2.5 2.5 2.5 2.5
Full Length (w/ cuff) 35 36 37 38 40
Chest (1" below AH) 9.5 10 10.5 11 12
Neck Width 4.25 4.5 4.75 5 5.5
Armhole (curved) 5 5.25 5.5 5.75 6
Sleeve Length (w/ cuff) 12 13 14 15 16
Sleeve Cuff Length 1 1 1 1 1
Shoulder to Collar Edge 2.75 3 3 3 3.5
Sleeve Cuff Width 2.25 2.25 2.25 2.5 2.5
Zipper Length at CB 12.5 12.5 13 13 14
About Us

As parents of a special needs child we know your days and nights. iKids was developed as a solution to the various problems that you encounter on a daily basis, without bringing unwanted attention to your situation.

The "I" in iKids is short for "Invisible". Unfortunately special needs children have been invisible to society and to the fashion world. iKids initial offering is the Wonder Jumper - a soft, 100% cotton romper that is designed to zip up the back. This unique feature allows for complete freedom of movement while eliminating that seemingly innate ability of special needs kids to disrobe and go exploring in their diapers.

The Wonder Jumper was inspired by our son, David Matthew. We knew that we weren't the only parents or caregivers dealing with these inevitable and unpleasant issues- and thinking about the fashion aspect of the situation - the Wonder Jumper made perfect sense!

Kids Fashion is more than just a clothing line... it's a life line. A real life family is behind the name - not a corporation with a lot of high paid executive titles, researchers and marketers.

Our initial offering of the Wonder Jumper is just a start to the iKids name. We also offer support, courage, hope and hopefully - a "break" to the parents and caregivers of the children who use our products. Read about our story or view some Testimonials

  • I have twin autistic godchildren, age 3. The suits have been a godsend and we have search for larger onesies right along. Thanks.

  • I love the new Wonder Jumper...It's practical and a necessity for my special son!
    -Justine B.

  • We just received our wonder jumpers in the mail a few days ago. I couldn't be happier!
    -Amber D.

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  • You just couldn’t imagine the horror and chaos when my wife, Sherry, walked in and saw our naked, then 3 year old son David Matthew playing in his feces. It was everywhere! It was in his hair, on his face, it was even under his finger nails! By the time the “poopstorm” had stopped we had to clean the sheets, blankets and shampoo the carpet. I remember carrying him from his armpits(that was the only clean area) into the bathtub. Our son David Matthew had the innate ability to disrobe and go exploring in his diaper. He was even able to unzip a sleeper with a snap at the top. After several “incidents” we realized a genuine need for clothing that was comfortable and functional for those “Houdini-like” kids. Our own experience was the motivating factor in starting iKids Fashion. Now our 3 year old Jonathan is going through the same phase but he is already wearing The Wonder Jumper. The Wonder Jumper has changed our lives.
    -David and Sherry Cavaliere

  • My daughter will be 3 January 30. We were ready for potty training back before our second daughter was born Sept 3, 2008. We waited thinking Brianna would digress. Just since this summer Brianna has been in the curiousity stage with everything but especially playing with her poop. Numerous nights I woke up to an awful smell to go into her room and find poop covered the walls,furniture her, face, hands and caked in her nails. We tried everything that was suggested to us. This is the one thing that has worked. She is doind great peeing on potty but the poop she goes and hides and does in her pants and wont tell us right away. With the pjs (the Wonder Jumper) she has been telling us when she poops at night. She recently started playing in her poop again but now during the day. I'm tempted to put her in these while at the house during the day as well. Though that was just one time she did it during the day.
    -Jennifer B.

  • We just received our wonder jumpers in the mail a few days ago. I couldn't be happier! Like Sherry and David, I also have a son with autism who likes to strip down and shed his diaper whenever the mood strikes him. These jumpers are perfect for him to sleep in and I don't have to worry about cleaning up a mess or finding him cold and naked in the morning. I highly recommend this product. Thanks IKids!
    -Amber D.

  • My son, Ben, wore the jumper under his clothes - and although the material and zipper were great - I let him wear it under his clothes which is under leg braces..I would enthusiastically buy the Wonder Jumpers from you and send him in that no matter what!! I let him wear the jumper to bed and you can quote this in a review if you want..my son has dethermoregulation where he cannot regulate his body temperature and this jumper was phenominal at keeping all his bodyparts covered during sleep and the zipper in the upper back was perfect for keeping his diaper in tact! I love the new Wonder Jumper ..Its practical and a necessity for my special son!
    -Justine B.

  • I have twin autistic godchildren, age 3. The suits have been a godsend and we have searched for larger onsies right along. Thanks.

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    Our Story

    The story of iKids Fashion is a personal one for our family. Before I became a father, I didn't have an opinion about those, who some consider, "special needs". I am not proud of my lack of interest or knowledge. Part of my indifference was my feeling of being "uncomfortable" being around a person who was not the same as me. I didn't dislike anyone - they were just "invisible" to me.

    As I write that line it makes me sad because that's how a majority of society sees people with autism, down syndrome, asbergers or anyone who acts "different" for that matter. Of course to the families, friends and caregivers - these children and adults have great value and so much to offer. I see that now! Our son, David Matthew who is 4 years old, was diagnosed on the autistic spectrum when he was only 18 months old. From about the age of two, he had the innate ability to disrobe.

    His "Houdini" like behavior was often inappropriate but wasn't much of a big deal until he started "digging" in his diaper. You can read on the Testimonial page the true story of our first real "poop-storm". My wife, Sherry, who is the ultimate autism researcher, quickly discovered that we were not the only family effected by these "poopisodes".

    We soon found out that many special needs children are late potty trainers and even realized that this is sometimes an issue for many families- even those who do not have children with a "special needs" diagnosis. Sometimes it's just simply a phase little ones go through! We started to put his sleepers on backwards to avoid the disrobing, but as he grew, it was getting difficult to find them in larger sizes.

    In early 2009 we began thinking about starting a business that would create and provide good looking, comfortable, one piece rompers that would zip up the back. We experimented with many "home made" and traditional methods and prototypes with snaps and fasteners of different sorts. None were either convenient and flexible enough or else they caused a reaction from our son who, like many special needs children, has a very strong issue with touch sensitivity.

    After several prototypes, many hours of work, help from others and a lot of praying, we have developed the Wonder Jumper. It is made with those sensitivities in mind and with no uncomfortable or unrealistic gadgets and nuisances!

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